The tickets for the 2018 Latvian Song and Dance Festival will be on sale, starting from January 2018, and the online sales platform will be, the Latvian National Centre of Culture has announced.

Tickets will cost from €2 to €65 and people will be able to buy just four in one session. The €65 tickets are for the best seats in the two special performances, previously reported.

Tickets for the Song and Dance Festival, held every five years, are in very high demand with people often not being able to buy tickets despite standing in line for hours and frantically monitoring the ticket sales website. Next year, due to the celebration of the Centenary of Latvia, it is expected that the interest about the Song and Dance Festival will surge to new heights.

However, thanks to the reconstruction works, the venues for the 2018 festival will have greatly increased capacity, with the Daugava Stadium adding 5,000 seats and the Mežaparks open-air stage a further 8,000 to bring its capacity to a whopping 30,000.