Latvia's story When we meet our friends and partners outside Latvia, we want to explain Latvia to others by telling our stories.What does Latvia mean to you? And what are the words that you would use to describe Latvia? Everyone has their own unique answer.We all have our..
Best Silver Coin in the World Issued by Bank of Latvia At the international contest "The Coin of the Year", the collector coin marking the 200th birth anniversary of composer Richard Wagner, issued by the Bank of Latvia in 2013, was bestowed world's Best Silver Coin honors.

Latvian Institute, 22.11.2014, Economy

Latvia Registers Sixth Highest Growth in EU Latvia registered the sixth highest economic growth in the EU in the third quarter, and eighth highest growth year-on-year. In the third quarter, Latvia's GDP increased by 0.4 percent.

Latvian Institute, 22.11.2014, Economy

Latvia Sees an Increase in the Number of Marriages and Newborns 11,007 marriages were registered in January-October this year. The number of marriages registered in Latvia has increased 9 percent, comparing to the same period last year.

Latvian Institute, 22.11.2014, Society

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