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1514. The Book. 2014. The new National Library of Latvia, which only opened its doors a couple of weeks ago, is now home to am impressive new exhibition celebrating 500 years of the printed book.

Latvian Institute, 02.07.2014

"Latvian Voices" Creates the Ear-Book "Sounds of Latvian Nature" 2 million Latvian folksongs have become an inspiration for a unique project. Vocal group “Latvian Voices” has created the first ever Latvian ear-book “Sounds of Latvian Nature”.

Latvian Institute, 30.06.2014, Culture

Latvian Saunas Among "Lonely Planet's" Top Secret Travel Destinations The tourist guidebook publisher "Lonely Planet" has included the beautiful town of Sigulda, and Latvian sauna traditions in its latest e-book about Europe's top secret travel destinations.

Latvian Institute, 20.06.2014, Culture

Otro Noticias
  • GDP Up By 2.8% In Q1

    In the first quarter of 2014, Latvia’s gross domestic product (GDP) at constant prices has increased by 2.8 percent, as compared to the first quarter of 2013.

    Latvian Institute, 20.06.2014, Economy

  • Riga Announced the European Capital of Free WiFi

    Free high-speed wireless internet is now easily accessible in more than 930 locations throughout the Riga, including parks, city squares and other open-air spaces.

    Latvian Institute, 19.06.2014, Society

  • Riga Visited by 19% More Tourists in Q1

    In the first quarter of this year, Riga hotels and other accommodation establishments registered 19 percent more visitors than the year before.

    Latvian Institute, 17.06.2014, Culture

  • Gulbis Reaches ATP World Top 10

    After French Open, Latvian tennis star Ernests Gulbis has moved up seven spots in the latest ATP men's singles rankings, thus reaching #10, his career best.

    Latvian Institute, 17.06.2014, Sport

  • EC Predicts Latvia's GDP Growth at 3.8%

    The Latvian economy will grow by 3.8 percent this year and 4.1 percent next year, the European Commission forecasts.

    Latvian Institute, 17.06.2014, Economy

  • June 17: Occupation of the Republic of Latvia Day

    Latvian flags on June 17 are flying at half-mast. June 17 is the Occupation of the Republic of Latvia Day, commemorating the forceful occupation of Latvia in 1940, when it became part of totalitarian Soviet Union.

    Latvian Institute, 17.06.2014, Society

  • Remembering June 14, 1941

    15,424 citizens of Latvia were deported to GULAG on June 14, 1941 under the Soviet occupation.

    Latvian Institute, 14.06.2014, Society

  • The "Castle of Light" Open for Visitors

    The National Library of Latvia, widely referred to as "the Castle of Light" is finally opened to the public starting June 12.

    Latvian Institute, 13.06.2014, Celebration