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Latvia Registers Fifth Best Budget Situation in EU Last Year National budget deficit last year was at 0.9 percent of the GDP, which is the third lowest out of all the European Union countries. In total, Latvia's budget situation was fifth best in the EU last year, as two other countries registered a budget surplus.

Latvian Institute, 23.10.2014, Economy

Latvian Radio Choir and "Sinfonietta Riga" Honored by Government The government has announced this year's recipients of the Cabinet of Ministers' Award, and among them the Latvian Radio Choir and the chamber orchestra "Sinfonietta Riga".

Latvian Institute, 23.10.2014, Culture

Government Approves New System for Calculation of Minimum Income Level The government has approved the Welfare Ministry's proposal that, starting from 2017, a new level of minimum monthly income will be adopted.

Latvian Institute, 23.10.2014, Politics

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