Economic growth in the Baltics continues despite the current geo-political factors. It is pointed out that various conflicting factors are influencing global growth at the moment.
Latvian Institute, 31.03.2015, Economy, Business
From the time of the renewal of independence in 1991, the Latvian government has honoured its fallen soldiers on November 11 (Lāčplēša diena), the day we remember our heroes. March 16 is not an official state remembrance day. The senior officials and members of government do not participate in March 16 events at the Freedom Monument. Nevertheless, as a democratic country, Latvia respects and also guarantees freedom of expression and freedom of assembly.
16.03.2015, Society
The Interparliamentary Conference for the Common Foreign and Security Policy and the Common Security and Defence Policy held in Rīga on 5–6 March was one of the six interparliamentary events organised by the Saeima within the framework of the parliamentary dimension of the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the EU.
Saeima, 13.03.2015
When we meet our friends and partners outside Latvia, we want to explain Latvia to others by telling our story. Latvian Institute continues the video campaign with brand new videos to create unique stories of Latvia.
Latvian Institute, 12.03.2015
The total number of tourists visiting the city reached 2 million last year, which represents a 15.6 percent increase comparing to 2013. A total of 1,122,926 visitors stayed at hotels and other accommodations in Rīga during the year of European Culture Capital.
Latvian Institute, 12.03.2015, Economy, Society, Business