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Draft Declaration Stipulates Viable Economic Growth to Increase Welfare The emerging government's draft declaration stipulates that the government prioritizes to ensure viable economic growth in order to increase residents' welfare and their sense of belonging to Latvia.

Latvian Institute, 30.10.2014, Politics

Government Allocates Additional Funding to Maintain "Corner House" The government has made a decision to allocate additional funding to help maintain the former KGB headquarters building in central Rīga. Thus, the building's exhibition "Corner House. Case No. 1914/2014" will be expanded and re-opened in January.

Latvian Institute, 30.10.2014, Culture

Latvia Ranked 23rd on "Doing Business" Rating The "Doing Business" project, studying business environment in 189 countries in the world, has ranked Latvia 23rd on the World Bank's list of best places to do business.

Latvian Institute, 30.10.2014, Economy

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