Latvian Ambassador to Ukraine Argita Daudze met with secretary general of the National Red Cross Association in the Ukraine Alla Habarova to deliver a humanitarian aid package from Latvia.

Habarova said that the aid will be highly useful, and that it will be forwarded to the hospitals in greatest need. The aid package arrived in Kiev late February 25 on an airBaltic flight from Riga. The package is specifically meant for the multiple victims of the recent unrest.

The first shipment of humanitarian aid from Latvia – medical supplies and equipment – was be delivered to Kyiv on February 25. In cooperation with the Embassy of Latvia, aid was delivered for the purpose of providing assistance to those who have been injured in the clashes in Kyiv.

The Red Cross of Latvia in association with the Emergency Medical Assistance Service has put together a shipment of first aid supplies: bandaging materials, various medicines, medical suture kits, intravenous stands and oxygen masks. Latvia was informed by the Ukrainian Red Cross about the type and amount of the required humanitarian aid.

At an extraordinary meeting, the Cabinet of Ministers decided that Latvia would provide Ukraine with humanitarian aid to an amount of 29 718 euros.

Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Latvian Institute, 27.02.2014, Foreign Affairs