Latvia's story When we meet our friends and partners outside Latvia, we want to explain Latvia to others by telling our stories.What does Latvia mean to you? And what are the words that you would use to describe Latvia? Everyone has their own unique answer.We all have our..
European Capital of Culture in Rīga – a Resounding Success “Riga’s year as a European Capital of Culture and the implemented programme have been a success story for Riga and Latvia, and this experience should be put to good use in the long term,” says Diāna Čivle, Director of the “Riga 2014” Foundation.

Rīga 2014 - European Capital of Culture, 22.12.2014

Time to Get in Touch With Our Pagan Roots It’s that time of year again. That time, when cities become ghost towns, when everything closes, and we leave ‘civilization’ behind to get in touch with our pagan roots. June 23rd , “Jāņi”, is almost here.

Daina Ruduša, "Riga 2014" project coordinator, Latvian Institute, 19.06.2014

How Latvian Mythology Contributed to the Olympic Silver in Bobsleigh I was absolutely dumbstruck when I was asked to do some sketches for what would later be painted onto the Latvian team’s Olympic bobsleighs. My first sketch was done on a piece of scrap paper, quickly drawn up with the first blue pen I could find.

Jūlija Gifford, 04.06.2014

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  • Crazy Time

    Spring is always crazy. You never know when it will start. My name is Linards Liberts. I am a birch sap driller. “Entrepreneur” is too mainstream. I drill very small holes in birch trees and get one of the freshest drinks on earth - fresh birch sap.

    Linards Liberts, 03.04.2014

  • First Snow Reminiscing

    The first snow fell this weekend, and Rīga looked like it had come straight out of a fairy tale. I was reminded just why winter (I mean proper winter, with snow not rain, and white not grey) is my favourite time of year.

    Daina Ruduša, "Riga 2014" project coordinator, Latvian Institute, 09.12.2013

  • I Have Photographed Horror

    I have photographed horror. And I did again last night.

    Edijs Pālēns, photographer "LETA Foto". Photo by Evija Trifanova, 22.11.2013

  • Escape Artist

    Resilient. This word, combining strength and flexibility, is the one which best characterizes Latvians, their history, their present condition and, one must believe, their future.

    Pauls Raudseps, Commentator; Magazine "Ir", 15.11.2013

  • In the Face of a Great Adversary – Remembering the Baltic Way

    Exactly 24 years ago on August 23, 1989, the nations of the Baltic States came under the collective spotlight of the world. The people of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania had had enough.

    Karina Pētersone, Director of the Latvian Institute, 23.08.2013

  • Identity of a Celebration

    Shuffling of feet and harmonizing voices resound throughout Latvia this week. The XXV Nationwide Latvian Song and XV Dance Celebration has begun and is in full force.

    Karina Pētersone Director, Latvian Institute

  • Summer Solstice - Singing, Dancing, Cheese and the Magical Fern Flower

    As I child I had two favourite holidays – New Year and Summer Solstice, because on both occasions I was allowed to stay up late. Of the two, Summer Solstice was of course the more exciting.

    Daina Ruduša, "Riga 2014" project coordinator, Latvian Institute, 20.06.2013

  • “Dream Team” - Beneath the Surface

    I was much moved by the Latvian film “The Dream Team” which on the surface seems to be about sportsmanship, and specifically about the European Basketball Championship of 1935, but which undoubtedly holds a deeper meaning of greater consequence.

    Alvaro de la Riva, Honourable Ambassador of Spain in Estonia, 28.05.2013